What people like YOU are saying about Black Don’t Crack…

We congratulate you on your exciting business venture, and can truly identify with your movement, ‘BLACK DON’T CRACK’. Our grandmother, Roberta E. Hepburn, who was a very important part of our lives and matriarch of our family, passed away a few months ago leaving us in a very depressed state. Since we lived together all of our lives, ‘she was the wind beneath our sail’ in every aspect of our lives ­spiritually, socially, and economically, she was always there for us. Her passing gave us a reality check, and we quickly realized that we had to either ‘swim or sink’. So we, along with our parents decided to do the former by mobilizing ourselves prayerfully and screwing our courage to the sticking point in a united force resolving not to fail! Today, we can boldly testify that instead of buckling under the pressure of our great loss, with God’s help we are slowly but resolutely filling the void in our lives, through helping others who are in similar positions to overcome and get on with the business of serving mankind. Like your slogan, Our ‘BLACK DON’T CRACK’!!! 

The McClain Family

(Nassau, Bahamas)


I have loved tennis since a young age always wanting to compete in it. I got the chance to play in high school and went on to play for Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA. I developed a rare condition called Myositis Ossificans where bone started to grow in both of my legs. During the summer of 2011 and 2012, I had to have 5 hour surgeries on my both of my legs and as a result my orthopedic surgeon told me that I would never be able to play tennis again. Guess what? I am now teaching tennis lessons and once again playing frequently. Don’t let anyone tell you that you will not be able to do something in life. MY BLACK DON’T CRACK!

Garrett Howard
( Atlanta, GA)

As a little girl (from around 5-11 years old), I was repeatedly sexually abused by my My grandfather. As a result of the abuse I developed very low self esteem… at such a young age. By high school and college I had attracted even more abuse by “best friends”, boyfriends and older cousins. Although not all were sexual in nature the abuse was nevertheless just as damaging.

I lived with the shameful and painful secrets and began hiding my “guilt” with food. I endured one emotionally abusive relationship to another!

By 1976, I began attending a Pentecostal church where I received Jesus as MY PERSONAL SAVIOR! I can tell you without a doubt. He took away ALL the shame of the abuse! However, I began to realize that although I had overcome the shame I continued to attract people who tried to “CRACK” me; especially thin, beautiful sisters who themselves had low self esteem. (I only understood this after many years of Psychology classes!) Although very difficult I stood quite strongly against the sistahs!

I began taking more classes here and there until finally I graduated from college with a degree in Counseling Psychology. (Not ironic at all…my experiences prepared me for this). I accomplished this while working full time as a mother and wife. My thesis was on “Child Abuse Prevention”. Go figure! My professors would invite me back to their classes to discuss my Thesis or recommend me for different workshops on Parenting or the topic of Child Abuse. Self esteem was so evident at this point!

Little did I know that God would give Debra a vision “Black Don’t Crack” that would speak to the hearts of many who endured challenges and like me they didn’t CRACK. We just didn’t have the words to describe our strength.

The end of my story is far better than its beginning…

At 67 (January), I have confidence in who I am; I’m fearfully and wonderfully made by God; I’m an OVERCOMER; and I have WON THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE! No. I’m not skinny…will never be. But I’m healthy and fit! Since June 2011, I have lost all together 56 pounds and still counting. I went from a size 22 to a 14/16!! I am in the gym almost everyday! Sometimes for not more than 40 minutes but I’m working it! Thanks “My Black Don’t Crack”. Thank you for putting words to my personal journey’s end.

Gloria Graham

(Brandon, Florida)

Despite the many challenges, trials, heartbreak, disappointments and tribulations of my life- I always knew that the Spirit of the Lord was far greater than my grief…”My Black Don’t Crack!”

This I know to be true: Difficult times can easily overshadow the teachings and practices of our spiritual upbringing. No matter how much scripture is read or memorized, when emotions give in to the feelings of hopelessness, hopelessness sometimes wins, creating a ‘crack’, but it never breaks our spirit…”My Black Don’t Crack!”

I’ve had many life shattering experiences-from childhood abuse to present day disappointments, and what I’ve learned from my ‘heartbreak & hopelessness’ is the ability to respond in a way that reflects God’s grace & strength within me. Standing strong thru the challenges and trials means, “My Black Don’t Crack!”

My Grandmother, who raised me to know and trust the Lord, would often say, “Practice what you pray! If you trust in the Lord for your victories, you must also trust Him with your valley experiences”. Her strong leadership, determination and faith helped me to become the woman I am today because her Black Didn’t Crack!

It’s not always easy to stay positive and uplifted in spirit when the pressures of life weigh you down. Our past has a terrible way of revisiting us in our dreams with hurtful, unresolved issues if we don’t learn how to release them. I’ve been a praying gal all my life, and only thru prayer, and positive thinking was I able to retrain my heart to love, my mind to forgive, and release the hurt within. I’ve Put on the full armor of God… “My Black Don’t Crack!”

I’ve seen the power of prayer in action-God is real! His power within us keeps us from giving in to despair and uncertainty. Once I realized that God was using my heartache, low-self-esteem, disappointments, and trials as victories, launching pads, and testimonies for others, my ministry was unleashed. I have been participating in various Women Ministries for over ten years now, and it helps me to stay encouraged, knowing that I’m able to help others. Trusting God, I returned to Graduate school and earned my MBA (Profit/Nonprofit Organizational Management), started a family business, and I have never looked back with regrets or dismay…”My Black Don’t Crack!”

When I heard about Debra’s “My Black Don’t Crack” movement, I knew it was a movement I wanted to be a part of and could relate to. I love the enthusiasm, drive and strength that”My Black Don’t Crack” represents.

To reach out to those who are struggling with hopelessness, loss of purpose and despair, with uplifting encouragement and strength through words, apparels, and deeds is an awesome experience!

I am honored, and I truly believe “My Black Don’t Crack” movement will revolutionize the power of positive thinking in our young people, and offer hope and recovery to those that have been struggling with life’s injustices is an awesome way.

Keep up the GREAT WORKS!!!

Love & Prayers always-

Angela (Chicago, Illinois)

My name is Robert Maddox and I’m a makeup artist here in Atlanta, GA and when I wear this T-Shirt it makes me feel proud of the skin that I’m in and it strikes up conversation with clients that promotes healthier skin care as well as being proud of who they are. I love this movement and all that it offers.

Through caring for my sick parent at a young age I’ve learned to be Stronger, Wiser, and Patient and not to crack under pressure. My Black Don’t Crack!

Robert Maddox

(Atlanta, GA)

I turned 60 this year and I was feeling “some kind of way” about it, then I thought about those who didn’t make it to 60 or with all kinds of aliments and problems which have made them old!!! I feel great, don’t have to take any prescripted medicine, very active, great friends, won”t dye my hair and I thank God everyday for everything that I have attained-so bring it on 60, 70, 80 -etc.!!! My Black really Don’t Crack!!!

JoAnn Thomas

(Los Angeles, California)

After 26 yrs in aerospace, with a degree in Film, I left my job to pursue my career as a Writer. I landed jobs on “Dark Angel” and “Wanda At Large,” but as a Writer’s Assistant. Not much money there. So in just under 4 years I was broke & loosing my home. I looked up at God and said “Evidently God, I’m not doing this right… so I’m giving it too you.” Within 5 days, I had my old job back, with all the benefits, 5 wks vacation and pension plan. That was 13 years ago. My Black Don’t Crack — I’m retired now… house paid for, I write full time and I have 2 published books. God is Good.

W.L. Davis, Jr.
(Carson, California)

I was truly amazed by your spirit when we met at Taste of Soul… then to read your story… you are truly living your brand… thank you for being an inspiration to my community… I lost my dad to the AIDS virus… but guess what… My Black Don’t Crack… today I am working on my doctoral degree at Pepperdine University at the age of 25…

Diandra Bremond
(Los Angeles, California)

When you put on this amazing message... yes this is a message not just a beautiful piece of clothing or item, Debra has brought me and all of us a message. I feel my History, Life and Family's future when I slide this t-shirt on.

When our Family moved from the City to the Suburbs; When I was the first in my Family to graduated from College; When I took Corporate jobs; When I was the only and first Black Man they hired; When I left Hundreds of Thousands of income to get into Acting; When I learned the real hardship my Parents, Grandparents and generations before went through to show me how its done and they endured what they did in the South.....We all never Cracked

Thank you my fabulous Friend for bringing us this message.... we as a Community and Family can now and forever say, My Black Don't Crack!

Mark A. Neely

(Long Beach, California)


The last year and a half of my life has been by far the hardest. It started with a happy event. A marriage that quickly spiraled out of control and before I had time to receive all of the congratulatory comments it was sadly over. In the process of my marriage unraveling. I was working on a job that I loved for the past fifteen years that was sadly becoming the death of me. February 2014 I resigned from a job that I loved and also which I believed deeply was my life work. I was humiliated, broken and had hit the proverbial rock bottom. I heard of the Black Don't Crack Movement and decided that I had to have a t-shirt of my own. In the months to follow I would see my broken life take on a different shape. Out of the ashes of what I was sure had destroyed me something beautiful evolved. I had a wonderful photographer Vincent Hunter capture my journey in a photo shoot. I had to have some shots of me in my BLACK DON'T CRACK shirt. This is one of my favorite shots.To me it represents the resilience that we have as humans and the beauty and joy that comes when we overcome. I am Kymira Callaway Randolph...Overcomer....Survivor....Better....and My Black Don't Crack!

Kymira Callaway Randolf

(Washington, DC)


Read your WHOLE promotional card this evening when I got to my hotel. Wow, blown away by your honesty about the obstacles you have faced. I can tell how truly committed you are to this.. You have truly found a cause that can reshape how African American see themselves and hopefully each other. What an inspiration this new movement is... I can say,"My Black Don't Crack!"


Kenya Smith
(New York City)


My name is Kim Bryant and I had the pleasure of meeting you at the ”Women of Color” Breast Cancer Support Group. I really love the T-shirt I purchased and the true meaning behind “Black Don’t Crack”.  I love the movement. I have already shared this with a co-worker who will be emailing you to request a T-shirt.  I can tell you that My Black Don’t Crack because whatever odds that comes against me I refuse to give up or give in, failure and defeat is not an option. I don’t give in to fear and I refuse to be intimidated. I will not humiliate or embarrass my ancestors.  I want my choices and opportunities to reflect what those who went before me endured for me to achieve.

Kim Bryant

Black Don’t Crack is such a powerful new movement! I wear my t-shirt with pride. I am proud that I can spread the message about being an overcomer!

Pamela Knight
(Winston, North Carolina)

When I met Debra and she told me the new meaning behind Black Don’t Crack, I embrace it. I felt empowered and I am ready to spread the word that MY BLACK DON’T CRACK!

Tonya Bell
(Los Angeles, California)

Never thought anyone could put a twist on the phrase BDC. Debra you are are awesome and onto something BIG! I rocked your t-shirt and told all of my buddies about the message and they can’t wait to get one. Good luck and blessings.

Tony Parker
(Seattle, Washington)