Welcome -- This is YOUR movement! We salute your triumph over formidable circumstances and adversities in your life. When you wear your Black Don't Crack® apparel, you are celebrating your victories that have inspired others to push through. We honor the legacies we have all inherited and the resilient blood that flows through our veins. We encourage you to fight on - speak louder, march longer, love harder, pray fervently, exude positivity & know that through your journey, we have your back (& front!), because...

B L A C K  D O N ' T  C R A C K® !


Debra Hubbard

Founder & CEO
Black Don't Crack ®

My name is Debra Hubbard, and I am proud to say that my Black Don’t Crack! The concept behind the creation of the Black Don't Crack® brand originated from the many trials I've experienced throughout my life. I am proudly a survivor of the destructiveness of depression, financial instability, divorce, the pain of loss, struggles with regrets, and the immobilizing blows of physical and mind-shattering mental abuse. And still, I am surviving, and so are YOU! Shame does not know our names! Conquering these once seemingly insurmountable circumstances left me with a greater understanding and appreciation of the legacy of Blackness and our cultural journey of thrival and survival throughout history. And so, the idea of Black Don't Crack® morphed from its original meaning of melanin-kissed, forever youthful skin to the embodiment of a cultural movement that echoes a message of triumph and resilience through all adversities. 

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